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"Chanpuru" is a general name given to dishes made by stir-frying vegetables and tofu. Salt and season to taste. Chanpuru is the most-loved dish of Okinawan home cooking. By extension, the word "Chanpuru" has also come to refer to anything created by freely mixing or blending all sorts of things together. The special feature of Okinawa's culture is its "Chanpuru" mix of elements. In the Ryukyu Kingdom era, Okinawans readily absorbed cultural influences from China, Japan, Korea and Southeast Asia in the course of trade relations. Down through the ages, the Okinawan people have accepted a variety of cultural imports and assimilated them to create this unique and distinctive "Chanpuru" culture.
Chanpuru Food  
Chanpuru Tofu
Chanpuru Tofu
Chanpuru serves the best tofu this side of Naha. Made from the finest ingredients.
Chanpuru Food Set
And of course Okinawan Chanpuru
The famous Okinawan Chanpuru is the ultimate dining experience. Made from the freshest ingedients.
Chanpuru Food Set
The Taste of Okinawa
The ultimate in dining experience can be captured with the rich aroma of the famous Okinawan pork.
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Okinawan Liquor
Okinawan Liquor
Chanpuru stocks the finest Okinawan liquors for sale in the Chanpuru store.
Chanpuru Internet  
Free Internet Access
Free Internet Access!
Chanpuru has two computers with high speed intertnet access. Don't forget to visit!
Chanpuru Interior
Relaxation in Dining
Chanpuru is the ideal place to meet family and friends for a relaxing night of food and drink.