Oasis21 - Spaceship Aqua

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Oasis21 - Looking Through the Roof
Oasis21 - Click to go to photo gallery
Spaceship Lands in Nagoya
Actually this is Oasis21 - Nagoya's new bus terminal which opened in 2002. But Oasis21 is more than just a bus terminal, Oasis21 also includes a park called "Field of Green". The bus station is directly under the park area. The bottom floor (called "The Milky Way") links the bus station with the subway (Higashiyama Line's Sakae station) and contains over thirty shops and restaurants from Starbucks to the Pokémon Center.
Nagoya Tower at Night from Oasis21's Field of Green Oasis21 from Aichi Art Center Oasis21 with AU Campaign Balloons Oasis21 at Night Oasis21 Roof with Ghostly Shadows
Oasis21 Through Pool Distorted
The Roof of "Spaceship Aqua"
The most unique aspect of Oasis21 is the translucent roof (open to the public). The roof contains a shallow pool with fountains. But these are more than decoration: the water serves both to cool the lower levels of the building as well as recycling rain water for irrigating the green spaces of Oasis21.
Oasis21 view of human shadows through translucent roofTaking a stroll on the Oasis21 roof
Oasis21 "Field of Green" at night
Oasis21 from Nagoya Tower at nightOasis21 roof from ground floor at night
Oasis 21 at Night
Oasis21 is centrally located, across the street from Nagoya tower. Two convenient pedestrian bridges connect Oasis21 to the NHK Building and the Aichi Arts Center. Oasis21 is truly an Oasis in the center of Nagoya.
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