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Self-Driving Cars Mean New Love for the Auto Industry When Aptiv teams up with BMW, it's like "Intel Inside" but for self-driving cars. Details
Andreessen Horowitz's Spin Master Built Silicon Valley As You Know It For decades Margit Wennmachers has quietly shaped the world's hottest startups. Now Andreessen Horowitz's secret weapon must reckon with the era of big tech.  Details
Rocket Lab Test Flight Launches Three CubeSats to Orbit The launch company Rocket Lab sent three small satellites to orbit during a test flight from New Zealand. Details
Android Malware, Free Speech, and More Security News This Week False alarms, free speech, and more of the week's top security news. Details
Space Photos of the Week: *You* Just Try to Snap a Pic at 100,000 MPH When NASA's Juno spacecraft whizzes by Jupiter's poles, it manages to snap clear photos at astounding speeds. Details
Why Aren't There More Smart Americans? In the latest 'Geek's Guide to the Galaxy' podcast, author David Ignatius discusses the shortcomings in US education. Details
USC's New Class Shows It's All in on Patents A look at one of the nation's first classes for undergraduates on intellectual property. Details
Trump's First Year in Office: The Lasting Impacts on Tech Saturday marks the one-year anniversary of Donald Trump's inauguration. And while he may not have his border wall yet, he's done plenty to impact innovation for years to come. Details
How to Pre-Order Both of Nintendo's Labo Kits Our guide to what's in the Nintendo Labo Variety Kit and Robot Kit for Switch, and how to pre-order. Details
Ford, GM Go All in on Electric Cars, but How Clean Are They? We did the math.  Details
Why This Quantum-Encrypted Video Hangout Is a Big Deal Just what we all wanted: super secret, super long meetings that span the entire world.  Details
Facebook's Latest Fix for Fake News: Ask Users What They Trust Facebook said it will prioritize news sources by surveying users about their trust in media brands. Details
We Put The Entire Internet On The Blockchain—and You Can Too A reporter's suggestion prompts a startup executive to create a browser extension that adds the words "on the blockchain" to every sentence. Details
Newark's Amazon HQ2 Bid Reveals What's at Stake For Every Finalist City Newark, New Jersey has the highest unemployment rate of any Amazon HQ2 finalist—and the highest tax incentives.  Details
The Magnetohydrodynamic Drive Is Real—and You Can Build One All you need is a battery, a magnet, and some wires to build your own quasi-fictional submarine drive. Details

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They didn't make Amazon's final cut, but these cities still hope to welcome big business 

Cities that didn't make Amazon's shortlist for a second headquarters say failed bids to attract Amazon could be used as material to appeal to other businesses with planned tax breaks, land proposals, and grants.

Why fixing US infrastructure matters: $9 per household per day 

The average household would save $9.31 a day by 2025, by one estimate, if the federal government fixed deteriorating roads, public transit, and other infrastructure. But as President Trump prepares a $1 trillion package to address the need, there are big divisions over how to fund it.

Apple to build new campus with tax break funds 

Apple will construct a new campus using cash the company plans to bring back from overseas, taking advantage of a provision included in the recent overhaul of the US tax code. 

Wal-Mart increases minimum wage to $11 an hour in wake of lower US tax bill 

Following the lower United States tax bill, Wal-Mart will increase its starting salary to $11 an hour, expand family benefits, and offer a $1,000 cash bonus to eligible employees.

Need emergency cash? Payday loans aren’t your only alternative. 

At a time when gig jobs or small paychecks keep many Americans on financial edge, credit unions and small banks are among those offering small loans that don’t come with sky-high fees.

Trump’s deregulation drive is epic in scale and scope. And yet ... 

The overall trend in government rulemaking remains relentlessly up – and Trump is stirring controversy by overturning environmental and consumer protections.

Record high: Dow Jones bursts through 25000 points 

The milestone came five weeks after its first close above 24000. Some analysts predict more gains considering strong global economic growth and good prospects for higher company earnings. 

Stock market: Just how strong is it, as Dow crosses 25000? 

Since the start of the bull market in 2009, the S&P 500 index is up about 300 percent, after a strong 2017. Many market strategists see a further rise in the new year, but stocks look pricey.

Strong holiday sales buoy retail store stock prices 

Mastercard reported US shoppers spent over $800 billion during the season, more than ever before. Between Nov 1 and Dec 24, holiday sales in brick-and-mortar and online retail stores rose 4.9 percent, the fastest year-on-year pace of increase since 2011.

Lower taxes spur growth, Trump says. The historical record isn’t so simple. 

President Trump’s newly signed tax-cut measure has already prompted some corporations to make wage-hike and investment promises. Yet the Reagan era and other history offers cautionary evidence on taxes and growth.

Home prices surge 6.2 percent in a strong economy 

Seattle saw the biggest annual gains as prices have shot up 12.7 percent since October 2015. 

US lawsuit accuses Facebook ads of unfairly targeting younger workers 

The Communications Workers of America filed a lawsuit against companies including Amazon, T-Mobile, and Cox Communications for using Facebook to micro-target recruiting ads toward younger workers, alleging that this is form of age discrimination.

Uber to face new regulations as top EU court classifies it as taxi service 

The European Court of Justice has ruled that Uber, which describes itself as an information services provider, is a taxi service and should be regulated as one. The ruling may hold wider ramifications for how app services like Uber are regulated in Europe.

Tax cut arrives, and Americans ask what’s in it for them – and for country 

Most Americans can expect a modest tax cut, but changes in deductions and other measures will create new winners and losers, especially in later years. 

Bricks-and-mortar grocery stores hope to edge out Amazon with curbside pickup 

Amazon's purchase of Whole Foods rocked the US grocery industry and traditional stores to look for new ways to keep customers shopping. Many have turned to curbside pickup that combines the ease of online shopping and skipping lines with more flexibility with fresh foods.