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The Pentagon Left Data Exposed in the Cloud Face ID, WikiLeaks, and more of this week's top security news. Details
'Channel Zero' Is Smarter and More Subversive Than 'Stranger Things' If you're not watching the Syfy horror show you're definitely missing out. Details
NASA's Next Generation JPSS Satellite Will Scan for Storms Like Never Before Inside the squeaky-clean room where techs prepare weather instruments for launch. Details
Self-Driving Car Tech Can Help Another Form of Transport: Wheelchairs Opinion: The technology exists and is even affordable. The primary obstacle is a lack of investment from the tech community. Details
Space Photos of the Week: Check Out the Stretch Marks on Mars Just like your belly, Mars has scars left by the ebb and flow of magma from ancient volcanoes. Details
Tesla's New Truck, New Roadster, New Lawsuits, and More in the Future of Cars Plus! Lyft heads to Canada, GM talks electric profits, and more.  Details
Gadget Lab Podcast: Pixel Buds, AirPods, and the Future of Ear Computers This week, the hosts marvel at the speed with which headphones are becoming stand-alone computers. Details
Data Shows Nike’s Vaporfly 4% Marathon Shoe Increases Running Economy The study that gave the Vaporfly 4% its name just came out in a peer-reviewed journal. Details
'Justice League' Is a Beautiful Mess of a Franken-Movie The superhero team-up might be chaos, but it's hard to look away.  Details
The Best Laptop/Phone Black Friday 2017 Deals Our favorite laptop, phone, and device deals on Black Friday 2017 weekend! Details
Everything Attorney General Jeff Sessions Has Forgotten Under Oath Over the course of four recent congressional hearings, Attorney General Jeff Sessions has somehow forgotten dozens of people, places, and events. Here's all of them in one place. Details
The Humor and Beauty in Capturing Graffiti Cleanup These before and after photos show Vincent Wittenberg and Wladimir Manshanden's unique appreciation for a utilitarian photo archive. Details
Netflix's 'Mudbound': Harsh and Beautiful, It's the Streamer's Greatest Cinematic Triumph Yet With Dee Rees' stunningly directed adaptation, the streaming platform's investment in prestige features will pay dividends come awards time. Details
The Moon Express MX-1E Lander Is Heading for the Moon or Bust Take a close look at the R2-D2-shaped lander that startup Moon Express wants to land on the moon.  Details
These Stunning 3-D Models Are Helping Unravel the Mysteries of Coral A new photographic technique from researchers at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography is exposing coral like never before. Details

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Why tax havens persist, and where a rethink could take hold 

What could be $200 billion in tax revenue instead sits in offshore centers, parked there by individuals and corporations, often legally. Some reformers would like to remedy that. One lever: new attention on the ethics and morality of the practice.

Trump's change at Fed's helm is also a vote for continuity 

If confirmed by the Senate, Federal Reserve chair nominee Jerome Powell is expected to continue the current policy of gradually raising interest rates. But in a break with tradition, he's not an economist. 

US economy rebounds after season of hurricanes  

Despite a loss of nearly 33,000 jobs due to fall storms, the Department of Labor reports solid growth in many sectors including construction, hotels, restaurants, and the auto industry, many of which took the brunt of the impact during hurricanes Harvey and Irma. 

Republicans pitch broad tax cuts. Is that what economy needs? 

Many economists say tax changes can give a short-term boost, or sometimes longer-run gains. But the growth goals behind a new House plan run up against tricky math of rising national debt.

Bitcoin stokes fear and greed – but it’s just tip of a finance revolution 

Often called a digital currency, bitcoin is now behaving more as a ‘store of value’ with a surging price tag. Its bubble could burst, but the technology behind it promises to transform personal and business finance.

Oklahoma cut taxes. Now a squeeze on public services forces a rethink. 

Oklahoma’s Republican-dominated legislature is looking at ways to close a revenue gap that’s affecting schools and health care. But one attempt just faltered.

New smart locks would allow Amazon to deliver directly into homes 

Amazon's plan to address theft of packages left on shoppers' doorsteps is a new smart lock system. Customers could remotely control access to their homes for deliveries and other professional services. 

World's economies grow in sync, but US and Europe lag behind 

Prosperity rises in emerging-market nations from India and Vietnam to even battered Brazil. But slower growth in advanced nations raises worries of a low-growth future.

Amazon’s 50,000 new jobs? Why some cities don’t play tax-break game. 

Competition among cities to offer tax breaks, aiming for an influx of high-paying jobs, has been intense. But some mayors opted out, saying real development isn't about one-off deals.

NFL owners to meet, with racial divide on the agenda 

Sometimes sports become a venue for overcoming racial tensions. Amid anthem protests, pro football has a high-profile opportunity.

Combating fake news may force big changes at Facebook, Twitter 

As social media giants and Google face pressure to counter manipulation of their political content, the task is to temper a data-driven emphasis on customer engagement with social responsibility. 

Quicker than expected, auto industry revs up for an electric-car future 

Some experts project electric vehicles could make up more than half of car sales by 2040, projections that GM, Ford, Volkswagen, Chinese automakers, and others are taking seriously all of a sudden.

EU to Amazon: you owe $295 million in taxes 

Amazon is the latest multinational corporation to come under EU's crackdown on tax loopholes. The EU says that Amazon has avoided paying nearly three quarters of the taxes it should have paid to Luxembourg. 

US solar companies ask for protection from foreign imports 

The US International Trade Commission is hearing proposals from US based solar companies that would like tariffs imposed on foreign panel makers. While the cheaper foreign panels have benefited customers, the low prices have hit domestic solar manufacturers hard. 

Wisconsin goes big to lure a factory. Critics say it doesn’t make sense. 

Tax breaks worth $3 billion draw a giant Foxconn plant for up to 13,000 workers to make display screens. But economists question the math of an arms race for jobs, and say it advantages big firms at the expense of startups.