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Why Facebook Will Struggle to Regulate Political Ads Disclosure rules for funding political ads are murky. Now Facebook wants to regulate itself Details
How a Decrepit Grain Silo Became South Africa's Mind-Blowing Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa Architect Mat Cash transformed a facility meant to store 30,000 tons of wheat, maize, and sorghum into a celebration of art instead of agriculture. Details
I Helped Create Facebook's Ad Machine. Here's How I'd Fix It Facebook finally laid out some changes to its ad platform. But a former employee who helped build it shares his own ideas on how to fix the Russia problem. Details
Baltimore Built an App to Map Opioid Overdoses in Real Time Opioid overdoses proliferate, like a disease. A new app lets health and law-enforcement officials anticipate their spread. Details
After Srinivas Kuchibhotla’s Murder, His Widow Battles Deportation How one tech worker's story illuminates the plight of H-1B holders. Details
What Is a ‘Dotard’? Kim Jong-Un Gives Trump a Language Lesson If there's one good thing that came out of President Trump and Kim Jong-Un's back-and-forth, it's this. Details
Review: Leica Sofort The cheapest-ever Leica camera is cute as a button. Details
Don't Rely On an Unlock Pattern To Secure Your Android Phone A new study found test subjects could mostly spot the patterns from five or six feet away on the first try. Details
Waymo Partners With Intel, Tesla Kills a Model S, a Lawyer Debates the Trolley Problem and More This Week in the Future of Cars Plus: We play a game meant for traffic engineers, Apple engineers take on self-driving, and Sebastian Thrun wears a puppy. Details
Why Google Play Store Malware Is So Hard To Stop A rash of malware hit the Google Play store this summer. And while Google has taken big steps to improve Android security, there's no clear end in sight. Details
HP Omen 15 Review: Decent Performance, But Man Is It Ugly The HP Omen 2015 is an unpretty beast, but it performs well enough. Details
Archaeologists Don't Always Need to Dig—They've Got Drones On the morning of the solar eclipse, archaeologists took a drone into the desert to create fantastic 3-D renderings of a Hohokam village. Details
With 'Star Trek: Discovery,' CBS Discovers That TV Ain't Easy Anymore By putting prequel series 'Star Trek: Discovery' on its streaming network, CBS is trying to solve a problem no one has figured out yet. Details
Why Facebook And Google Are Clashing With Internet Freedom Advocates How longtime allies of Google, Facebook and co. became sometime adversaries Details
Facebook's Election Ad Overhaul Takes Crucial First Steps In the face of brewing backlash, Facebook is redesigning its election integrity processes and sharing (some) information with Congress. Details

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As Fed normalizes policy, economy’s ‘new normal’ is anything but. 

The Federal Reserve is launching a major transition away from the extraordinary measures it used to boost recovery from recession. But the problem of sub-par economic growth remains.

Equifax breach: What you can do ... and what public pressure may do 

Hackers broke into the credit-report company Equifax and stole personal data on up to 143 million Americans. Individual actions can help control the damage. And collective action may lead to new safeguards.

US oil industry, stronger than during Katrina, expects rapid recovery from Harvey 

Last week's hurricane caused gasoline prices to jump 27 cents, only about half the increase Americans saw after the 2005 Katrina storm. Why? Because the energy industry has far more flexibility than it did 12 years ago.

Lego rebuilds its business model amid falling sales 

After rebounding from near bankruptcy to achieve record sales by adding new toys, online content, and film franchises, Lego looks to simplify. With a new CEO, the company will eliminate 1,400 jobs in an effort to jumpstart growth. 

US wages are rising, maybe faster than you think 

Median weekly earnings jumped 4.2 percent in the past 12 months, the fastest gain since 2007. And demographic trends suggest the economy’s ‘slice of pie’ for workers could keep growing.

Furloughed railroad workers rehired en masse, but is coal really growing? 

Warren Buffett's BNSF Railway has called back roughly 4,000 of the 5,000 furloughed workers across its system last year, reflecting stronger volumes of coal, grain, and intermodal containers and trailers, a spokesman said.

Amazon's announcement of Whole Foods price cuts sends shares of rival grocers tumbling 

The company’s purchase of Whole Foods has been hanging over a brick-and-mortar retail sector unsure of how to respond to the world’s biggest online retailer.

Pitch from hometowns to skilled workers: Come home 

Recruiters in areas with a dearth of professionals, including Maine, are successfully targeting talent that has local roots, but left for school and careers.

Wal-Mart joins with Google to deliver voice-enabled shopping 

Wal-Mart has announced plans to collaborate with Google's Home device to offer voice shopping. Wal-Mart, the world's largest retailer, seems to be keeping a close eye on Amazon, whose smart speaker, Echo, has met with success nationwide. 

Trump-era shift: CEOs find a voice for moral outrage 

Corporate America started the year ready to engage with a controversial but business-minded president. This week CEOs have risen in chorus to denounce Trump's lackluster response to racism.

Can do-good ethos survive public ownership? Etsy is a test. 

The artisan marketplace says people and profits can coexist. But investors turn up the earnings pressure.

Amazon launches new service to target impulse buying 

The online retail giant has rolled out Instant Pickup on several college campuses throughout the US. The service offers a way for consumers to receive orders in a matter of minutes.

Amazon ramps up research on pre-made meals, but will home cooks buy them? 

The online retail giant may be hoping to access a market of customers looking for quick-and-easy meals using a technology originally developed for the military to extend the shelf life of foods while retaining flavor, texture, and nutrients. 

Troubling trend behind sexist memo at Google 

The internet allows fringe groups to open for ‘debate’ topics that have long been settled, including Silicon Valley’s need to diversify its workforce.  

Google VP rejects employee’s challenge to its diversity programs 

An employee's online memo highlights tensions in the workplace over company programs that are implemented to increase employee diversity.